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Lesson Plans

Secondary ELA resources are my specialty. Many of these plans can be modified to work in any classroom.

Writing Curriculum

Blogging in the classroom is a total package writing curriculum. Learn more about using blogs in your classroom.


Level up your parent communication with a class blog. Learn how to set up and effectively use a class blog throughout the school year. 

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Why teachers need Google Certification

Why teachers need Google Certification

Google has revolutionized the way I teach and I have never looked back. With technology like Google, you are able to save time and transform your teaching practices. But why get Google certified? To learn and teach. Being Google certified will help you have the skills...

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Why you need a classroom coffee bar

Why you need a classroom coffee bar

Teachers love their coffee. Moms live for their coffee. Oh to drink a steaming mug of freshly brewed coffee. Unless it’s a long weekend, or maybe a snow day, a hot cup of coffee is rarely what teachers or moms get to drink. This is the number one reason why every...

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6 Test prep ideas to use in your classroom

6 Test prep ideas to use in your classroom

State testing season is officially upon us. A time of year that every teacher would prefer to be eliminated from the calendar, but the reality is that it's part of our job. I’m going to tell you what I tell my students: this is not a defining moment. Sure, these tests...

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