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Lesson Plans

Secondary ELA resources are my specialty. Many of these plans can be modified to work in any classroom.

Writing Curriculum

Blogging in the classroom is a total package writing curriculum. Learn more about using blogs in your classroom.


Level up your parent communication with a class blog. Learn how to set up and effectively use a class blog throughout the school year. 

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Professional Books to Read Again

Professional Books to Read Again

So many books, so little time. This is my mantra. It is very rare for me to read a book more than once unless of course, I’m using that book in class and then it’s likely I’ve read it 10 times. When it comes to professional books with teaching ideas and strategies I...

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Turn “I hate reading” into “I love reading”

Turn “I hate reading” into “I love reading”

Reading might be one of my favorite past times, but it's not often a favorite activity for my students. At the start of every school year I hear at least one, but usually, many more than that, say, "I hate to read." They like to really reiterate their point with...

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Secrets of an Effective Command Center

Secrets of an Effective Command Center

Keep it simple. That’s the big secret. Don’t build a command center that does everything or holds everything. It will become one more place that causes you to feel overwhelmed. Keep it simple with a monthly schedule, mail and paper collectors, and weekly meals. ...

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