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Carly’s Journey

A principal interviewing me for my first teaching position once asked me, “What would you do if you couldn’t be a teacher?” Stop breathing. That was my initial reaction. I stopped breathing. Here I was, days from graduating from college, being asked what I would do if I couldn’t do the one and only thing I had just spent the last four years of my life working so hard to achieve. No breath. I’m amazed he didn’t have to perform CPR at this point, but I came to and focused on what he was actually asking me. Be a mom. That was my next thought. Only I was very single and so that option wouldn’t make much sense. “A librarian. I love to read.” This was my final answer.

Teaching Career

Year number one.

My teaching career started in Kannapolis, North Carolina as a seventh grade language arts teacher. We were configured into 4 person teams and each taught 3 blocks of classes. I had gifted students and exceptional students, although they were called special education students back then. The lingo is always changing, but the concepts are still the same. Those first three years set the tone for who I would become as a teacher. With amazing team members, who spent the time to mentor me, I couldn’t have asked for a better staff and administration to have been my foundation. They taught me well, and gave me the confidence to be ambitious in my teaching. So ambitious that I made the decision to try teaching overseas.

Egypt was not for me. (See blog post). Coming home to Ohio was a permanent move and where I continue to live out my journey. I landed in Ashland teaching eighth grade this time. Seventh grade was my comfort zone, though, and when an opening came available I made my move. It’s been eight years and now I’m making the move back to grade eight.

Mom Life

When I hit year ten of my teaching career that wanderlust bug smacked me once again. The first overseas expedition had not gone so well and I didn’t want a repeat. This time I took the missionary route. A friend had shared her World Race experience and it sounded like the perfect plan for me. Turns out it was God’s plan and what a plot twist he added. Feel free to read that plot twist on my race blog.

July 30, 2013 I stepped back onto American soil, said YES to a marriage proposal, nine months later married that man and three months later learned we would be parents. Our sweet boy was born on St. Patrick’s day, and seven short months into his life he became a big brother. June 2, 2016, we added a baby girl to the mix. Needless to say the last four years of my life have been a whirlwind. This is precisely why I’m taking the time to share our roller coaster of a ride with all of you.

Black Family vacation 2016
Bartemes Family spring break 2017
Family photo Christmas 2016