Create a Powerful Class Blog!

Let me show you how a class blog can revolutionize your parent communication.

Why a Class Blog?


Teach your students their voices are heard when you share their writing with the world. 

Flip your class

Post video and audio lessons for students to preview at home before coming to class.


Share detailed information with parents and students. Include links, images and even video. 


Due Dates

No more excuses about not knowing the due date or details. Your class blog can organize every major assignment, unit, or activity happening.

Save Time

Write posts that allow you to share policies and procedures year after year.


Parents can subscribe to your email list. That means one email to let them know there is something new on the blog. 

Blogs are better than teacher websites!

Do you have a teacher website hosted by your district? Is it really doing all the things you need it to do? A blog will give you the opportunity to easily, and beautifully, organize information. Create pages specific to students for flipping your classroom. Create pages specific to parents so they can be informed and see the learning taking place. 

Blogging is for ALL classrooms!

Blogging is not just an English class kind of thing. If your students are completing projects, post them to the class blog. If your students have a field trip planned, post the details to the class blog. Anything you want parents to know or see can be posted to a class blog. 

One Action Step Each Day

Day 1

Make a plan

Thinking through how you would like to use the class blog will help determine how you design the blog. Use the worksheet provided to help with this.

Day 2


Follow the step by step slide deck to walk you through the signup process. This will help you also think through the process if you choose students will also have blogs.

Day 3


Making a professional looking website is much easier than you might think. The video tutorial will walk you through each of the ways a theme can be customized. 

Day 4


Now that your site is up and running what do you fill it with? Learn the difference between pages and posts. Find ideas for what to write about and how to use your class blog during the school year.

Day 5


It’s time to get your information to parents and students. Learn how to connect parents with the blog and how students can join you.

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