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“Teacher tired” can be a very real mood at the end of most school days. But you can’t afford to be tired when you arrive home because your babies are there waiting for you. They have been anticipating your smiling face and it can be difficult to smile at the end of an exhausting school day.

Let Me Help!

Let me give you practical tips for keeping life at home managed and life at school less stressful. Here at Teach.Mom.Repeat. you can find advice from a working mom who daily transitions from teenagers to toddlers. This was a very difficult transition for me! I spent the first 12 years of my career single.

Remember that life? When you could make a decision that didn’t affect anyone but you. When you could eat cereal for dinner at 4 pm and popcorn at 8 pm then call it a night around 11 pm. When coaching a sports team for a season was exciting. When lesson planning and grading could be spread all over the living room floor for days at a time. Those were some relaxed years.

It was nice to be career oriented, but having a family was also a dream I longed to see come true. It was God’s timing that I would meet my husband and cultivate a friendship with him before we fell in love.

When I hit year ten of my teaching career the yearning for family overwhelmed me and I felt God calling me to missions. A friend had shared her own mission trip experience through the World Race and it sounded like the perfect plan for me. Turns out it was God’s plan and what a plot twist he added. You can read all about that plot twist on my World Race blog.

July 30, 2013, I stepped back onto American soil, said YES to a marriage proposal, nine months later married that man and three months later learned we would be parents. Our sweet boy was born on St. Patrick’s day, and seven short months into his life he became a big brother. June 2, 2016, we added a baby girl to the mix. Needless to say, the last four years of my life have been a whirlwind. This is precisely why I’m taking the time to share our roller coaster of a ride with all of you.


I want to help you be the best in both your roles as mother and teacher!

One of the most difficult times as a teacher has been coming back to the classroom after maternity leave. Trying to figure out pumping at work and managing my new role as a mother took a lot of trial and error. Having two babies in two years helped me see how I could do things better the second time around.

Our role as a mother is always changing! Our children become older and more involved so our schedules can be different each year. Same with the classroom. There always seems to be some new mandate or best practice to implement. We are the epitome of flexibility! This can be frustrating and certainly overwhelming.

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